Your attention please, I would like to make an announcement…

Me happy

I’ve been emailing resumes and cover letters like a fiend. For the most part, I’ve gotten ZERO replies, but 2 or three of my contacts were courteous enough to let me know that they had selected a different candidate.

This morning, I received a reply from “the best foreign language and international studies university in China” (wikipedia). They want to interview me via SKYPE next week. I am extremely happy just to have gotten this far in the screening process.

I’ll post updates as events develop and will probably do another podcast episode.

Final Note: Should any of you Old China Hands have advice or insights, please let me know! Thanks in advance.

About Kokujin Chronicles

Kokujin Chronicles is a journal of one man's adventures and misadventures in Asia. I freely admit to being irreverent, unconventional and quite willing to challenge and/or break societal rules.

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