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Kokujin Chronicles

Welcome to the companion blog to the Kokujin Chronicles Podcast – the audio journal of my pursuit of a lifelong desire to visit, live and work in Asia.
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Long, long ago, locally owned and produced radio was the rule and not the exception. I vividly remember anticipating Sunday nights when I could record an ENTIRE featured jazz album. Local musicians often appeared on these shows and stations, and there truly was a diverse range of musical offerings.

Now, a corporate hegemony dominates commercial radio. You’ll hear almost identical music rotations whether you’re in Seattle or South Beach. The playlist is dictated more by demographics, algorithms and formula than it is by artistic talent.

When I began planning my podcast, I decided to feature music that appears nowhere in the formulas or playlists dictated by Billboard or Arbitron et. al. For one thing, I wanted to invest my precious dollars in something other than a commercial broadcast license. For another, there is an invisible universe of excellent music that is easily the equal of the “Top 40” and is deserving of exposure. Therefore, almost all the music featured in Kokujin Chronicles is covered under a Creative Commons license. (https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Creative_Commons_licenses). For instance, the album featured in my “Will it Work With Linux?” video stipulates that:

You can copy, distribute, advertise and play this album as long as you:
* Give credit to the artist
* Don’t use this album for commercial purposes
* Distribute all derivative works under the same license

The CC license enables podcasters such as myself to get access to quality media at little or no cost. Please listen and share. If you enjoy this music as much as I, donate to the artists and/or use it in your own productions.

WILL IT WORK WITH LINUX? – About the Music

From the review I posted on http://www.jamendo.com/en/user/Kokujin.Chronicles

I posted a youtube review of some audio studio hardware. I wanted a dynamic jazz track with high-energy, varying voices that could stand on its own even with reduced gain. I knew immediately upon hearing it that “Blues for Brother Jerome” was the only choice. I’ve always had a fondness for big band productions and this certainly has that brassy jazz band feel that I love. I suspect the musicians had a lot of fun and I’m CERTAIN that the audience members were dancing their tushes off. It even matched the bluesy look of my video. A fine piece of musical virtuosity. My gratitude to the artists!

Want more? Get the ENTIRE album from http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/40092

  1. Enjoyed episode 4! All that laughing had my family wondering if I was listening to a comedy podcast!

  2. Glad you liked it. Believe it or not, Brother Mouzone and I were actually quite restrained in deference to our listening audience.

  3. Brother KoKuJin – I think it is about time for you to post another podcast man. Enjoyed what you have posted thus far also learning a lot about how to produce a good sounding podcast. I know you have not reached Japan as yet, however about a podcast about what you expect to experience, then a few months after you have settled, you can contrast you previous expectations. I think it would be a good story and listen.

    Also – very good tips about the music. Clears up a lot of concerns on copyrights and what not.

    Stay up bro and keep casting!!
    Colin T.

  4. That’s some interesting advice, Colin. I might just have to do that! Meanwhile, you can expect some correspondence from me. Shenzen was and remains on my shortlist of potential spots in Asia that I was most interested in exploring. I learned that Barrack Obama’s brother lives there with his Chinese wife and children. I’ve learned a small bit about it since then, and I’m still attracted to it and I look forward to reading and hearing from you MUCH more about Shenzen.

  5. See the new entry on the Blogroll, Work is Love Made Visible, for the writer’s experience taking the CELTA at International House, Bangkok.


    Nuff said! Great podcast, my man.

  7. Waiting for updates, sir!

  8. Just looked through episode 6 – great! Really informative. This article will really help me. I wish I had had this kind of info last year when I suddenly discovered I was going to be teaching 80 students and had to present a coherent program beforehand – very scary but not as much as the first lesson! It’s super that people go to the trouble to prepare such interesting sites – a big thanks

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