Episode 004: Tales of Thailand – Part 2

LOVE this image!



Anime-Style EVA Flight Attendant

Anime EVA





Burning the Boats

Bangkok Official Seal

From the artist:

(after hours) you are out late drinking your troubles away in a sleezy jazz bar, you find yourself chatting with someone. You’re both happy of the company.

(back for coffee) Time passes and you decide to go back to their place for a coffee. Things get laid back, chilled out and physical.

(shuffle) Soon passions rise, things get heated and the night begins…….

(countdown) its much later, things are calm again, you both drift in and out of consciousness in each others arms, exhausted, yet vaguely thoughtful of the night that’s almost finished.

(good bye and so long) ….. morning comes, its time to face reality, you can stay and face the awkwardness or you can quietly get dressed and leave. You decide on the latter, you leave a little note – good bye and so long x


Tracking listing in sequential order

01 After Hours
02 Back For Coffee
03 Shuffle
04 Goodbye And So Long

Like what you hear? Get the ENTIRE album at: http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/4153

  1. Good music here man…Hope you make more episodes

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