Kokujin Chronicles Queries (FAQ’s)

Answers to essential, common questions regarding Kokujin Chronicles. Feel free to add your own questions and comments.

    What the heck does “Kokujin Chronicles” mean?

Glad you asked! According to http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kokujin

A japanese word that roughly translates to “black person” with “koku” being the color black (or dark) and “jin” meaning man (although gender is typically neutral). The word kokujin is not derogatory unlike the word kurombo and should also not be confused with gaikokujin (non-japanese person).
Black kokujin or white hakujin, they are both foreign gaikokujin.

Also see http://www.blacktravels.com/japan.html

    Why did you choose THAT name?

Afro-Samurai was already spoken for…

Volume one of Afro Samurai

Image via Wikipedia

  1. I like Kokujin Chronicles better than Afro-Samurai (LOL). Much more dignified and befitting of your podcasts 🙂

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