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Achievement Unlocked: Trinity Certificate in International Business English Training

I have completed the CertIBET; a most welcome addition to my portfolio.

Moving up and Moving on

I’m changing jobs! I’m still with the same employer, however. They’ve been very good to me, the work was fulfilling and compensation was above average! If you’re interested in teaching K-12 ESL in China, I urge you to submit your application expeditiously.


BFSU English Academy for K-12
Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

I.              About us

Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is a key university affiliated to the Ministry of Education (MOE) and offers the largest number of language learning programs and other interdisciplinary studies in China. The university has been China’s principal base offering excellent training and degree programs in foreign relations, foreign trade, foreign culture and foreign language learning and teaching. The university has turned out tens of thousands of graduates with high levels of proficiency in foreign languages, foreign relations or related areas in her history of seventy years. The university has won the name of “cradle for diplomats” in China thanks to her 400 outstanding graduates serving the country as ambassadors.

Beiwai English Academy for K-12 is a young learner English training institute run by the university. It is a major national leading figure in the field of young learner English language education. Backed by the mother university, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the academy has been able to offer English language programs for 4-18 year olds over the years. Its goal is to establish the best young learner English academy in the country. It has first-rate facilities, small classes (max. 15), and a friendly, English-speaking faculty.

II.            Job information
1. Job Title: English instructor
2. Job Description:
a)        This is a full-time position. Duties include lesson planning, teaching, communicating with parents, etc.
b)        The teaching requirement is 30 periods/week (1 period = 40 minutes). In the case employee receives less than the above listed classes employer shall still pay the listed monthly salary and may assign other teaching or administrative duties. Overtime payment is made at certain rate per class.
c)        Work hours are 8 hours per day including teaching hours, an average of five days per week though some exceptions will be made for scheduling and working some extra days to cover for Chinese national holidays.
3. Salary and benefits:
a)        Salary will be based on employee’s education and experience.
RMB12, 000 and above (Housing stipend included).
b)        Employee will receive 10 days paid vacation for a contract year;
c)        Our school will reimburse one-way ticket or 1/2 a round trip ticket after 8 months of work and one-way ticket from Beijing to the employee’s hometown at the end of one year.
d)       Our school shall provide health insurance for the employee.

III.           Qualification
Applicants should meet the following requirements:
1.      Native speaker from the US , UK , Canada , Australia , New Zealand;
2.      Have at least two years’ work experience (otherwise, is not eligible for a work visa)
3.      University graduate or above (major in TESOL or a related filed will be an advantage);
4.      Experience as a teacher of EFL ( experience in teaching English to young learners will be a plus);
5.      Excellence in teaching and professional development;
6.      Interest in working with children;
7.      Challenge taking, willing to practice various teaching approaches;
8.      Basic computer skills and open to the usage of educational technology in teaching.
IV. Contact Us
The vacancies will remain open until suitable candidates are found. Please send your CV with a recent photo to If you have friends who might also be interested in this job, feel free to send this notice to them.

Thank you for your attention.

Achievement Unlocked: CELTA!

Thank you, Language Link, Beijing

Google translate

Installed the off-line English to Simplified Chinese package. Too cool for school!


Facebook, Twitter & WordPress are blocked here in China. Thankfully, I linked things before I left the states. As I can also post via email; WIN!

TEST with photo embedded

Can you see the image?

Post by email test

Testing 1 2 3

Thailand Swimming Pool

Incognito lucky dog

Even old dogs get lucky now and then …

Via Flickr:
A lovely young lady invited me to sit down. Then t started raining. She must have felt cold because she came around to my dry side of the table and made herself quite comfortable …

My dream has been delivered.

It’s official. I’m going to China.

Via Flickr:
Awoke to a knock on the door, found no one there. Looked down and found a UPS parcel with my dream inside.

That’s RIGHT! I’m going to China.

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