Episode 007: The Adventure Begins

EXCLUSIVELY ON YOUTUBE: This video comprises the totality of Kokujin Chronicles Episode 007. Enjoy.

“These are the chronicles of one man’s adventures and misadventures in Asia.”



Dell 1545 Inspiron Laptop


Apple OSX Snow Leopard

Star Wars Title Sequence Generator (SWTSG)

Ubuntu Studio

Gnu Image Manipulation Program (gimp)


OpenShot Video Editor


Nick Singer, “Marathon – The Forerunner Mix (beta)”


Booted the Dell 1545 with Apple OSX Snow Leopard via iHackintosh mode
Rendered +/- 3600 still image files with SWTSG
Re-booted the Dell into Ubuntu Studio
Converted the stills to video with ffmpeg
Created logos and ending titles with gimp
Overlaid music and logos with ffmpeg
Mixed music and video with openshot

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