Sad news…

Brother Mouzone recently had a serious health scare.  He underwent emergency surgery and was laid up for a while recovering.  Happily, it appears that the doctors caught it in time, but he does have to check in every three months.

Sadly, however, he and his wife have split up.  Worse, given the dismal employment prospects here, he’s leaving the state to seek his fortune elsewhere.  We’ve known each other over 20 years.  I don’t have many friends, and so his relocation has definitely impacted me.

Keep your friends close, people.

About Kokujin Chronicles

Kokujin Chronicles is a journal of one man's adventures and misadventures in Asia. I freely admit to being irreverent, unconventional and quite willing to challenge and/or break societal rules.

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  1. That’s just awful, so sorry to hear.

  2. Brother man, I Bro M, recovers from both events, granted both will have lasting feelings…

    …as far as losing a friend – you don’t loose the close one…just don’t interact as much. 20 years, though I truly feel that. I left all my boys, friends, and family back in the US 3 years ago, so I feel the void you will also feel…

    …having said that – look to the relationships you are cultivating through your podcast man. These relationships are young now, but in time, might prove to be deep. You are reaching a lot of folks man….

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