Episode 001: Dreams of Japan

Forgot to add this one to the list of influences. ALL of us young hardheads were in some kind of karate class, dojo or watched “Kung-Fu” religiously.

Bad Ass #1: Bruce Lee – of course!

Bad Ass Brother #1: Jim Kelly

Bad Ass Brother #2: Jim Brown

Shogun: Did I neglect to mention that Mariko-san was 18 different flavors of FINENESS?

I think this was first Toshiro Mifune film I ever saw.

Artist Stan Sakai gave a talk at our local library. My son got an autographed poster at the event.
Usagi Yojimbo

“Comic”? No. It’s closer to a graphic novel. The Japanese word for it is “manga”.
Issue 1 of American REISSUE

I accidentally picked this up thinking it was Lone Wolf and Cub. As Bob Ross would say, “a happy accident”.

Seven Samurai: STILL beats the pants off its lukewarm step-child “The Magnificent Seven”. This movie was SO well done, that it’s needed neither sequel nor reboot. Yes, I know about and watched “Samurai Seven“, but that’s hardly a worthy comparison.

Zatoichi meets Yojimbo“. Man, it doesn’t get much better.

Episode 001: The Music

Episode 001: The Music

Ben5Bass: Lozere Jazz Festival album.

From my review posted on Jamendo.com

I wanted some smooth, smoky jazz for the music bed in my podcast; Kokujin Chronicles: Episode 1. This album rang precisely the tone I wanted. Not too loud, not formulaic and well-engineered and constructed. A pleasure to listen to all on its own.

The cover design evoked festivity and liveliness, which I found attractive.

COMPLETELY FREE DOWNLOAD/NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED! http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/77582

Like my music selections? Check out my Jamendo channel: http://www.jamendo.com/en/user/Kokujin.Chronicles/starred…

Track Listing

1. Valse pour Ninon
2. Immortel
3. Lower East Side
4. De rires et de larmes
5. Six fois dix
6. La samba de Bertrand le ??llan
7. Avril
8. Le pongiste
9. Valse pour Timon
10 Vai Poema

  1. Maybe I’m just being dense, but I can’t seem to find your podcast. Are you in Japan yet? If so is it everything you dreamed of and more? 😉

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