My Review of The Book of Audacity

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The Book of Audacity shows you how to complete fun and useful projects with Audacity, the cross-platform, open source audio editor and recorder. You'll learn how to digitize your vinyl record collections, create podcasts, record live performances, create super-high fidelity recordings…

This book gave me 100% Satisfaction…

By Kokujin Chronicles from Seattle, WA on 5/20/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Concise, Accurate, Easy to understand, Well-written, Helpful examples

Best Uses: Student, Expert, Novice, Intermediate

Describe Yourself: Educator

I’m a relatively new podcaster on a budget. I decided to use Audacity as my audio editing platform because, among other reasons, I assumed that documentation would be abundant. Not necessarily so.

I previously read another tile, “Podcasting with Audacity: Audio Editing for Everyone” but still had several gaps in my understanding. The Audacity Book filled in all of those gaps and expanded my comprehension of the product. The writing was easy to understand. Where necessary, basic theory was presented; however, the bulk of this book consists of several basic-to-advanced projects including making ringtones, recording high-quality audio CD rips and archiving legacy analog audio. Hands-on learners will love this approach.

To my mind, the BEST thing about this title is the coverage of installing and using across the major operating systems; Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Most technical books give Linux little if any considerations. The Audacity Book not only details installation in Linux, it includes a list of multimedia Linux distros and supplementary programs.

Just one or two of the tips provided by this book would more than justify the cost. [Disclosure: I was provided a free review copy.] Happily, it has several dozen such tips for both novices and experts. I consider this title an essential addition to the library of any Audacity user. Highly recommended.

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