Episode 009: The QFH (quick, fast & in a hurry!) update.

Episode 009: The QFH (quick, fast & in a hurry!) update.

On the very unlikely chance that anyone still cares enough to check up on me, here are the salient highlights.

  1. I was very happy to go to Beijing in 2012.  I was very happy to LEAVE Beijing in 2016.  Everything you might have heard about minor factors like, say, uncertain food safety, crunchy and persistent air pollution and seriously overloaded infrastructure is true.  All of that having been said, China proved an incredible and unforgettable experience.  I regret nothing.  However, when the opportunity to upgrade materialized …
  2. Long story short; at last, finally, and of course, Japan.  Specifically, Tokyo.  I was fortunate enough to land a position with one of the better-regarded international teaching organizations.  I am now doing precisely the type of work I envisioned; teaching Business English as a Second Language.  Well … half the time the I teach BE.  The other half, I teach English for Academic Purposes at a university.  It is an interesting and challenging combination, to say the least.  The company pays reliably and punctually, the workload is reasonable and, incredibly, I have weekends off!  This is virtually unheard of in the TEFL industry.
  3. Now that I have finally achieved my long-deferred goal of living and working in Japan, I have begun considering what comes next.  Observing the rampant idiocracy prevalent in the USA does not inspire feelings of homesickness – more like rage, despair and dread.  Thus, I have not visited home since my departure.  I had hoped to see Brazil, but I suspect that would be a highly questionable move for the foreseeable future.  I am surprised at my recent interest in the Middle East.  This living abroad experience may have changed me more than I anticipated.

And so, absent renewed interest or queries from readers, I will again check out.  I may possibly post or podcast again … getting to Episode 010 would seem a desirable achievement.

As always; Peace, Love & Harmony.




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